DHC SoulI’m David HC Soul … and for those of you old enough to remember no not THAT one … although I have been known to answer to the name Hutch.

I am an entrepreneur but in the past have been employed by a number of small to medium sized business across a wide spectrum of industries and in positions from Production Management through Accounting and Finacial Management to General Management and excutive management at the C level (Research and Development, Administation, Finance, and CEO).

My experiences have tought me the difficulties of communications and control in enterprises of all types — including not for profit and charitable — in both centralized and decentralized structures. This has led me to interests and studies in the following areas especially:

Comlex Event Processing (CEP) – an emerging way of looking at ways to manage the complexity inherent in our global and enterprise computer and communications systems.

Cybernetics – the science of communication and control in animal and machine – especially the design of viable business systems according to Stafford Beer’s VSM (viable systems model)

Sensor Networksas the actual delivery platform for CEP systems designed according to the principles of Viable Sysems construction (managerial cybernetics).


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